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Last century, Alotta Money went from illustrator to motion designer and suddenly became Crypto Artist, memes perv, photoshop priest, VR & AR maximalist, NFTs machine & most humble visual orgasm provider in the Crypto space.

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Miami Blockchain Week 2020, won 1st place with Arnolfini Shrimp


Async 3rd Auctions Results

Async has released and auctioned off some new and very memorable programmable art these last few weeks of April.

Pak’s first Async piece, The Tribe, was teased back in March and went up for auction in the third weekend of April. The Master went for 17.5 ETH to Metakovan. Its many Layers that make up this intricate artwork went to several different owners for a total sale of 41.5 ETH. 


Almost immediately “The Tribe” began to drastically change, with the new Layer owners and Pak himself altering the forms and colors of the piece. 

There are still some Layers available for collecting. Please note that most of them have 1 ETH reserve price, check them out here


The next day, Rutger van der Tas’ “Day/Night” piece was auctioned for an impressive total of 27 ETH (including Layers). This autonomous piece completely changes based on whether it is day or night time in the coordinates input by a specific Layer owner. Metakovan once again won this piece and set the new coordinates to point to the Singapore timezone.  


Another remarkable autonomous piece was Alotta Money’s “Dictatorship”, where only the Master was for sale. It was acquired by Basileus for 20 ETH. It presents a window to infinite combinations and possibilities.

Alotta Money, as well as an autonomous script, fully control all Layers in the piece, so whether it be “Brothel Saturday” or a special event with unique characters coming out to play, one can never predict what will happen in his alternate universe.



Async 1st Auctions Results

AsyncArt, launched online in February 2020, innovates the NFT realm allowing creative people to showcase and trade programmable art. The first piece of such art ever tokenized on the platform is First Supper, a digital homage to Leonardo Da Vinci's Cenacolo.


First Supper, with 22 Layers, is the result of a collaboration between 13 major artists: Alotta Money, Blackboxdotart, Coldie, Connie Digital, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, Matt Kane, Mlibty, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy, VansDesign, and XCOPY. Auctioned on February 28th, the Master image was sold to MetaKovan for 103.4 ETH (14.037,58 USD). Among its Layers, purchased by different collectors shortly afterward, very successful were Coldie's Decentral Eyes, sold for 77.0 ETH (10.490,48 USD), and Visionary Spirit of Creation by Matt Kane, sold for 35.0 ETH (4.763,50 USD). A total of 263 ETH was made from the auction of 20 Layers.

The second programmable NFT auctioned on AsyncArt was XCOPY's Banksta. It was sold to the collector TokenAngels for 66.0 ETH (8.958,84 USD), becoming the most expensive work by a single artist to date. Its Master image sold for more than all its Layers combined, testifying how this particular art piece works better as a whole than others.


Regarding sales, also remarkable is The Cunégonde Dilemma, by Alotta Money, bought by Basileus for 40.0 ETH (5.455,60 USD). Other solo works by mlibtyblackboxdotart and roninkill hover around 4 and 5 ETH.