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Artnome is the blog of Jason Bailey, an art nerd trying to trigger an art analytics revolution. Jason is mission driven to use technology and data to improve the world's art historical record and to bring attention to artists working at the intersection of art and technology. 

Artnome has the world's largest analytical database of known works across our most important artists. They produce original research based on this database using the latest tools from data science like machine learning and computer vision.


Artnome + Kate Vass Galerie

Artnome and Kate Vass Galerie have partnered back 2019  to make it easy to collect work by world-class digital artists.
As senior curator, Artnome’s Jason Bailey has collaborated with Kate Vass Galerie on several important exhibitions that took place last year. The retrospective exhibtion of the history of generative art “Automat und Mensch” (May-October 2019) feat. 29 artists and solo-show by digital Norwegian artist Espen Kluge (October 2019- February 2020) at Kate Vass gallery in Zurich, Switzerland.


Most recent cooperation is to showcase Osinachi (born Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe) – Existence as Protest, a self-taught digital artist whose work explores personal experiences within a technological environment at the gallery’s premises in Zurich, featuring 10 artworks as NFTs via Superare, which were exclusively created just for this venue. 
Osinachi, who grew up in Aba, Nigeria, produces drawings using Microsoft Word, where he utilizes the basic limited design palette of the word processing software to create narrative illustrations.