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Collect and trade CryptoKitties in one of the world's first blockchain games. Breed your rarest cats to create the purrfect furry friend. The future is meow!


CryptoKitties VS CryptoPunks

What a crazy weekend!!!

Yesterday one very special CryptoKitty named Koshkat (Koshka means cat in Russian) has been sold for 10.500 USD on NiftyGateway.

Koshkat, a unique rare CryptoKitty (together with Catterina, edition of 100) represent the first Artist Series of CryptoKitties by Momo Wang, a multiple award-winning and internationally recognised illustrator based in Beijing.

We strongly believe these kinds of collaborations between established NFTs projects and important artists will become more popular in the future and attract the interest of many collectors.

So, when everyone was enjoying the weekend, another big sale happened and created lot of excitement especially in the Cryptopunks Discord channel.

Just a couple of minutes after a rare Zombie+Beanie punk was listed for 60 ETH (around 12,000 USD at that time), a fast collector immediately purchased it.

There are only 88 Zombie punks and 44 Beanie punks making him one of the rarest combinations ever.

Congrats to all the projects, marketplaces and collectors involved in these two historical NFTs sales.






Final Flow Rangers CryptoKitty will be released on 25 April

With its new Flow blockchain getting closer to launch, Dapper Labs is completing its set of four new fancy CryptoKitties.

Labelled the Flow Rangers family, Cai, Cindi and Billie have already been released. The final kitty will be announced on Saturday 25 April at 10am PST via Twitch

And once the four Flow Rangers are available, users who have collected the full set will be able to redeem a Special Edition Flowtron for each set owned.

Dapper Labs says there will also be an "exclusive surprise" for set owners.


Gods Unchained starts trading collectibles on OpenSea

Card collection game Gods Unchained has started listing its collectible NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

These collectibles, trinkets and card packs are aesthetic ERC721 NFTs that can be placed on the playing arena and as well as Gods Unchained-themed items, also includes the in-game representations of CryptoKitty statutes arising from the games' mash up way back in January 2019.