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A virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain. Build, develop and sell property on the blocks and streets of cryptovoxels. You own your own land, with your ownership recorded permanently on the blockchain.


VX-2 drop this week


The VX-1’s were one of the very first wearables minted on Cryptovoxels roughly 6 months ago. Since then, wearables have only become more popular, changing the entire feel of Cryptovoxels as we know it. 

Created by the designer n0shot, VX-1’s were born out of the aim to develop one of the most reputable wearable brands in Cryptovoxels. That brand is called n0wear, and until now, the initial shoes were still the only items available for sale. n0wear is all about experimenting with what it should look like to be a top tier digital product. From high quality promotional materials, to absurd attention to detail, n0wear is hoping to set themselves apart.

And in many ways it has worked. If you jump into any live event in Cryptovoxels, you’re bound to see at least a few people sporting VX-1s. They’re pretty recognizable by their silhouette, as well as the “n0” insignia on the soles. In total, there were 100 pairs of VX-1s sold.

Along with the shoes, each buyer also gets a unique NFT certificate of authenticity. These were made so that people have an individual number associated with their purchase. The certificates show a high quality render of their shoes, their unique number, and the total supply for that color variant.

The remaining unsold VX-1s have been burned to make way for the VX-2s. They’re scheduled to drop this Thursday 5/21. Here is a snapshot of the full line up.

Along with the main line-up, there are also a few signature editions. Signatures are 1 of 3 variants that are created in collaboration with other known personalities in the NFT space. For the VX-2’s there will be 3 editions: Connie Digital, Josie, and Lander. Signature Edition certificates are animated, whereas standard editions are stills.

Stop by the WIP event hosted in Cryptovoxels this Thursday at 12:00PM (PST) to learn more about how to be one of the first to grab a pair!


Physical Digital NFT Factory

Metafactory first came onto the VR scene with a vaporwave themed virtual HQ designed by Alotta Money in the heart of Gangnam district, a cyberpunk area many crypto artists call home.

Few months later, the first auction took place for memberships in the MetaFactory brand entitling winners to ownership, governance, and special perks. In total, 42 Metafactory reversible bomber jackets were sold. The new owners will receive a physical microchipped jacket and NFTs like the Cryptovoxels wearable versions of the jacket into their Ethereum wallets.

These wearables and more can be previewed at the pop-up store in the Junkyard district: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/parcels/1123.

Each MF Bomber comes embedded with the MetaFactory Secure Enclave, a state-of-the-art microchip that serves as a cryptographic proof of authenticity and ownership. It provides access to unique metadata including product number, membership details and ownership history. The microchip is similar to the ones that https://kong.cash/ is using.

Metafactory is also building tools for streamlining organizations to create their own decentralized brands. This is how Metafactory gets its name: being a factory producing other factories. Aspiring brands can focus on the art while MF can facilitate access to high quality production and fulfillment on behalf of their partners.

There are more artist collaborations and wearables in the pipeline such as artist designed facemasks. The masks are made in the USA and for each mask sold MF will donate one to medical professionals in need.

According to the thesis, the shift of a society adopting decentralization technology is a cultural transformation as much as it is a technological one. To that end, Metafactory is starting with fashion to drive community and culture while building a blockchain bridge between physical and digital goods.


Consensus Distributed and Virtual

Where were we celebrating the great Bitcoin halvening of 2020? Staying home and exploring virtual worlds of course! During Consensus Distributed we teleported to the Crypto Valley Convention Center in Decentraland and picked up some sweet digital swag from DCG!

The entrance of the convention center greets guests with a story about the global events leading up to this years conference. From record breaking money printing to working from home, we are seeing a perfect storm playing out for both blockchain and virtual worlds.

"The very fabric of our financial system is being put to the ultimate stress test. Central banks are operating with the belief that there is "an infinite amount of cash." Is this true? Can central banks continue to prop up the system? What does this mean for the future of money? Will cryptocurrencies find their moment or will the future be ruled by central bank digital currencies like China's new digital yuan? Will we see a rise in decentralized governance solutions to fill the void left by waning confidence in major instituions?"

Inside there is a wide stage and giant screen playing the livestream from Consensus this year. A small crowd of avatars gathered together waiting for the DCL tour with DCLBlogger and Barry Silbert. Unfortunately technical issues got in the way. I guess streaming live demos in a fully digital conference requires extra blessings from the demo gods.

Next there was an after party event on the roof of the convention center. An elevator outside took you up to the rooftop lounge area where a spinning consensus logo can be seen above the bar where other avatars gathered.

Although the experience looked visually interesting, the interaction with other players only through a public text chat felt very limited. VOIP support to talk, spatial audio, and ability to chat privately seem like key ingredients for those serendipitous hallway experiences to naturally occur.

Right after the DCL event was a social money art walk through Cryptovoxels, hosted by Roll and Coindesk. The timing was tight so we missed it, but the art walk can still be explored. Follow the arrow signs by moving around with your mouse and WASD after visiting this url: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=W@317E,67S

Conferences that take a full year of planning have been forced to translate that into a fully digital experience within a matter of months. Although video conferencing has exploded as a result of working from home, they still fall short of the ability to walk into the hallway and have a chat with someone. Luckily, this is the type of scenario that avatar embodied communication platforms can deliver. The year 2020 marks the beginning of a great experiment.

Humans are social creatures, but are unable to gather in large groups due to the pandemic. Now that WHO is saying that we may have to live with this virus forever, virtual worlds are being taken very seriously as the future of socializing and work (see: virtual studios). As we learn to live and work online we hope that people who migrate to these digital spaces will desire ownership or a stake in its future by becoming collectors of nifties.

In the meantime, CoinDesk has partnered with Gitcoin, The Giving Block, and Ethereal Summit to raise money for a handful of nonprofits to provide relief to communities that need it most. Some accept cryptocurrency payments, visit here if you want to help: https://www.coindesk.com/consensus-2020/NYBWGIVES