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Based in NYC and dedicated to maintaining a creative edge, Gisel Florez has applied her expertise in shooting high-end still & motion projects. Creating some of the most iconic NFT art in the blockchain space, Gisel is one of the first major crossovers from more established mediums to embrace blockchain enabled art.  Florez incorporates camera techniques with conceptual practice to explore the ways in which we are interconnected within the space of existence. Her life's work of art has been observing & translating all pieces of physical life organizing it into visual existence. Gisel's ability to merge her interests with a wide variety of learned skills is demonstrated by a work catalogue that includes The New York Times Style Magazine, Disney, ESPN, V Magazine, Sant-M Shoes, Autodromo, Hearst and CondeNast magazines among many more. Her interest in blockchain arts & coinage was first established with her project called the GFX “ICANWECANEXIST”, a hybrid Physical & Digital Art Coin asset collection. The 49 Art Coins are comprised of one original in-camera photograph & split into physical coins that are registered and linked with their own matching NFTs.  She has since created a large collection of NFT artworks on SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Rarible and Codex Protocol.  She is creating new collections with cutting edge NFT developments such as Gold minting with Bullionix, and has upcoming pieces soon to be released on Async Art. Gisel & her husband have spent the past two years creating an initiative to bring together local artists of NYC with hosting monthly art salons in their studio called NYG Wall Space "A room established for innovative pursuit.” More about it can be found on www.newyorkicecreamgallery.com