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MakersPlace is a blockchain-based marketplace for crypto art where creatives can showcase their rare digital artworks and sell them using both national currencies and Ether. Either way, each work displayed on the Ethereum-powered platform is associated with a cryptocurrency price that varies depending on the digital edition chosen. When uploading the artwork image to their profile for authentication and trade, artists can decide if they wish to issue a single, rare or limited edition, customizing the number of copies they make available.

Once tokenized on MakersPlace, digital artworks gain value as if they were signed, physical prints, and most creators in the network prefer editions over one-of-a-kind issues. Regarding fees, the platform receives a 15% commission on all Ether purchases, applying an extra fee to credit card transactions.

MakesPlace was launched in June 2018 by CEO Dannie Chu, CTO Yash Nelapati and Head of Marketing Ryoma Ito. Before moving to the platform San Francisco headquarters, co-founders Chu and Nelapati were Pinterest first employee and engineer respectively.


MakersPlace Decentraland Gallery Grand Opening

As part of Decentraland’s Genesis City Art Week, MakersPlace will be launching their first ever gallery in Decentraland this Friday June 26th, 2020.

The grand opening of the gallery will take place at 1 PM PST (8PM UTC) and will include a special exhibition featuring 14 MakersPlace artists, 3 talks from artists on their artwork and digital art in general (George Boya, Gala Mirissa, and a joint interview with Indrani Mitra & Fabin Rasheed), an Ask Me Anything with Katy Arrington and Javier Arres, an auction for the collaboration artwork created by Katy Arrington and Javier Arres, and a virtual scavenger hunt with NFTs up for grabs. 

Works from the following featured artists will be displayed in the gallery: Greg Notzelman, Pxlpet, Karl Poyzer, George Boya, PhilipXN, KrikCo, GrayMask, Elephai, Gala Mirissa, Forlenza, Katy Arrington, Angga Tantama, Monfa, mare, Federico Paoli, and Javier Arres.

Find more details about the opening here.


The Investor’s Dream — A New Visual Toy

With the opening of the Virtual Art Festival 2020, Javier Arrés is excited to announce his latest and most intricate piece — The Investor’s Dream. The newest in his collection of crypto-inspired Visual Toys, this piece continues on from Crypto Toy Coin to share the perspective of the investor. In this magical, happy and colorful dream, aspirations of all kinds intermingle in a visual wonderland for the Crypto HODLer.


Preview of The Investor’s Dream by Javier Arrés

Arrés’ newest piece will be unveiled in conjunction with the opening of a new Rare Digital Art exhibit, The Prelude by MakersPlace in Cryptovoxels on Saturday May 16th at 5pm PST. 

The Prelude by MakersPlace is a tribute to the pioneering artists and collectors that helped establish the Rare Digital Art movement in 2019 and propelled it into 2020.