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Mintbase is a non-fungible token creation and ticketing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Nate Geier and Carolin Wend have been building Mintbase out of Full Node, Berlin. With Mintbase, they aim to revolutionize the traditional ticketing industry as well as creation and trading of other items like game assets and crypto art.



In these trying times, ETHTurin went from a physical, local event to a virtual event with the help of many NFT and blockchain partners to make it happen and hack on local solutions to real-life issues, such as the current COVID19 crisis, governance, the environment, and more. 


How will the virtual event be set up?

“We are working with Interspace.chat on defining a new standard for virtual events in the blockchain space, which is a mix of livestreams, Jitsi rooms, 3D spaces and chat rooms. Virtual does not have to be boring, and we are lucky to partner with the entire Ethereum to make it awesome.” says Matteo Tambussi, co-organizer of the event. The goal is for hackers to have the necessary resources and mentorship to build ESG solutions based on Ethereum.


What is the role of NFTs in all this?


Our NFT tickets for the event are provided by Mintbase. These allow hackers to get a NFT ticket when they are accepted into the hackathon. “The advantage of NFT tickets is that it is really an empty shell that can receive other NFT assets, such as a piece of crypto art, raffling rewards, and even hacking prizes.” says Fanny Lakoubay, co-organizer of the event.

“Furthermore, NFT tickets are not dying after the event. They live on and unlock other features. We also built a ticket redeemer that can be used by anyone who creates a store on Mintbase. Nate and I will also be holding a workshop at ETHTurin and we would love to motivate people to use our system for environmental and social good. That is what I find so exciting about being part of ETHTurin” , says Carolin Wend, Director of Business Development at Mintbase.

Deora.earth is developing the quadratic voting process to judge hackers’ projects that will integrate with Mintbase NFT tickets for hackers. This is based on RadicalxChange quadratic voting theory developed by E. Glen Weyl in his book, Radical Markets.

Finally, another implementation of NFTs for ETHTURIN will be an exclusive exhibition of Italian crypto art via an exhibition of art NFTs in the 3D world Cryptovoxel, made possible by curator Eleonora Brizi and artist Hackatao. More artists will be invited to participate and will be announced soon.


Who is the event for?

Everybody is welcome.

Hackers with or without experience of Ethererum/Solidity are welcome to build their own projects, respond to bounties proposed by our partners, but the big focus will be on Local Impact and ESG/SDG challenges as seen below. Apply as a hacker >

Non-technical people are also welcome to claim their NFT ticket to attend the conference and workshop part (even without a crypto-wallet as Fortmatic handles this for you on Mintbase in case you don’t have an ERC-721 compatible wallet. Claim an attendee ticket >


What are ESG/SDG challenges?

Watch a message from Audrey Tang, Taiwan minister of digital, to our hackers >

  • Smart Mobility: TCRs, distributed reputational systems or bounties systems aimed at incentivizing carpooling and virtuous behaviors  for users of e-scooters and bike-sharing.
  • Green Cities: the Urban Farming grassroot movement has in Turin a dynamic outpost. ETHTurin is looking forward to seeing DAOs/Multisig wallets for Urban Gardens, check-in features for participants and a GPS bounties system for Turin's Urban Gardens testlab.
  • Micro DeFi: the possibility of operating traditional DeFi with a direct impact on local businesses, scenes and communities would allow crypto holders to stake value to the addresses representing local centres of production of goods, services and culture.
  • Governance: ETHTurin, as partner of RadicalXChange Foundation, is interested in creating local scenarios of adoption of Quadratic Voting. QV is proving to be a smarter system to allocate political preferences, especially in times of right-wing blended tyranny of the majority. This track might consist in integrating a QV plugin for communities of same-token holders.
  • COVID19 and Privacy: the political measures to contain the COVID19 Pandemic are opening worrying scenarios of State intrusion into the citizens' privacy. The same results can be achieved without suspending these civil rights by adopting P2P solutions that use, as an example, Bluetooth technology to keep track of close contacts between individuals who tested positive to COVID19.

Staying connected in the time of Covid19

Stay connected with NFTs (by Mintbase)

The coronavirus has shaken up /disrupted our entire global economy. The COVID-19 issue has driven governments to heavily encourage people to socially distance themselves in order to flatten the curve which is having an effect on the economies. Bars, Clubs, restaurants and cultural events are shut and airlines are cancelling their flights for an unknown time.  Within a few weeks, our (social) lives have changed rapidly. That is a situation many of us have never seen before. Now it is time to adapt our lives around it.

What does the pandemic mean for non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Does it reshape our traditional ways of thinking and create new opportunities?

NFTs are non fungible tokens which are scarce, interoperable and have a clear ownership which doesn’t exist on the web2.0. NFTs are used in video games, tickets, art or anything that the user can think of. NFTs unlock certain features and allow individuals and companies to become creative and interact with each other. Mintbase is a tool which makes it as easy as possible for people to create NFTs in just a few steps. As people are encouraged to work at home and avoid social interactions, now it is the right time to experiment with NFTs and explore this incredible new technology together.

Here are a few ideas for experimenting:

Virtual conferencing

There are several ways to set up your virtual conference. Many virtual conferences have virtual rooms. If you want to create your own virtual room you can use Spoke. Jitsi is a good tool to set up conferencing. It can also be livestreamed on youtube.

If you are setting up a virtual (blockchain) conference, use Mintbase for tickets. We have tools for a virtual redeemer, so whether a free or paid event, they are more than happy to help. 


If you are an artist and have some digital photography or art, you can get creative and sell it. When putting it up for sale on Mintbase enter the name and price as well as other metadata. It is super easy and only takes a few minutes. Whenever you create a NFT, it automatically gets listed on Opensea behind the scenes which is a marketplace for NFTs.

Emotional support 

You want to help out other people during these tough times? Talk to one another and give away 10 minutes of your time- create a NFT which people can grab who want to talk to you. Or just spread some love and give NFTs away for free like this heart which was given out by Stina Jones.

Local Business support

Millions of people are hit hard by COVID-19 and it is time to support each other. You can create digital coupons for restaurant owners or bars. Find an example here.

Scarcity is the mother of innovation and we hope that new ideas and creative NFTs will be developed over the next few months. The forthcoming weeks and months will be difficult for everyone, but if we stand together and support one another we will come out stronger on the other side.