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Oficinas TK is a visual artist based in Portugal who explores simple themes through a variety of forms and techniques. He studied painting and later taught himself several skills that range from engraving to 3D modelling. He produces both physical and digital art, with subjects that go from stones or idols, to the creation of imaginary landscapes and narratives with a strong Hermetic undertone.

In mid-2018 he joined KnownOrigin and SuperRare, starting his crypto art production, experimenting with animated GIFs, AR and video art. He developed a close relationship with other early community members, realizing several collaborative pieces with pioneers like Kryptocromo, Mattia Cuttini, Ilã Katin, Hackatao, XCOPY and Obxium.

His digital work was present in events like the NIFTY Hackathon in HK, DevCon IV and the “Fight Fear” exhibition in Italy. It is also part of the new identity of ethereum.org webpage, along with XCOPY, Mattia, Ilã and Lily, and is displayed on some virtual galleries on CryptoVoxels and Decentraland.







The Thoreau Centre for the Blockchain Arts
TCBA collection


Async 4th Auctions Results

Async has released and auctioned another round of ground-breaking programmable art these recent weeks of May.

XCOPY’s second Async work, ”Doom Party”, is another important piece not only because of the COVID reference but because of the interactive possibilities between “Death’s Hand” and the rest of the Participants. The auction for the Master erupted in a three-way bidding war which ultimately was won by MOCA for 26 ETH. With the addition of the 9 Participant Layers as well as the device Layer, total sale of Doom Party was 68.9 ETH, the highest we’ve seen since launch period.

Leading up to his auction, XCOPY polled his Twitter community and asked which participant should be the next victim of his Death hand.

The new owner immediately started playing with “Death’s Hand”, a Layer that forces any of the Participants to change to their death scene, and will remain there until “Death’s Hand” changes to focus on another unlucky Participant. 

In the same weekend, Yura Miron sold his first Async piece The real secret of magic for an impressive 4.5ETH for the Master and 3.83 ETH for the Layers. 

There are at least 20 different states for each Layer, allowing for an endless amount of combinations and possibilities with this psychedelic piece. 

Last but not least, OficinasTK  sold his first Async piece Still Life with Silver Apple - 8.5 ETH for the Master, and 2.2 ETH for the “Black Circle” Layer.

A geometric, reflective Apple sits quietly in the scene as rendered sunlight alters the piece at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm UTC every single day.  This is one of Async’s most active autonomous pieces yet, with 6 automatic changes every day.