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Osinachi (born Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe) is a Nigerian visual artist. Taking a cue from his personal experience, the artist creates extremely conscious works that point to the socio-political realities that surround him.

Having entered the cryptoart space in early 2018, Osinachi has tokenized and sold a good number of artworks on various platforms – making him not only Africa’s foremost cryptoartist, but also the most successful cryptoartist out of the continent so far.

He was a finalist for the Bridgeman Studio Award 2019.













Async 2nd Auctions Results

Over the last couple of weeks, Async disclosed some great new programmable art pieces.

Josie’s Master artwork, (un)limited, was sold to MetaKovan for 26.0 ETH (4.240,60 USD), the highest sale price of this auction. In continuity with her "Fed Monkey Series," in her own words it “serves as a timestamp for our current political and economic climate” while “the girl, wearing a protective bitcoin gas mask, provides a solution to the broken system.” The artist herself is still the owner of the All Time High Mask Layer.


Josie’s auction success was followed closely by Transitions, a collaboration between Giant Swan and Frentik Void, sold for 25.0 ETH (4.086,50 USD) to Basileus. With just three Layers, the two artists were able to create a surreal and captivating space for the viewers’ mind to explore.


A remarkable collaborative piece is also Cypher::Prophet, the result of Hackatao and Hex6c’s vision and research, acquired by TokenAngels for 17.0 ETH (2.788,51 USD). Here Master and Layers reach a total of 28 ETH, making the Cypher::Prophet Hex6c’s record sale and Hackatao’s most successful art piece to date in terms of market value. Most importantly, the artwork is a perfect celebration of the origins of blockchain technology and the crypto movement.

Also on display are new works by Blackboxdotart, MattKane, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy and VansDesign. They explore a variety of themes, from the price of Bitcoin to love, divinities, the passing of time and the reinterpretation of the human in relation to technology. Some pieces are still waiting to be auctioned, while the most expensive ones reached 10.0 ETH.

Osinachi's Master piece too sold for 10.0 ETH (1.634,40 USD) to Ethsquiat. As for the Cypher::Prophet, the value of the story underlying a piece is a trait one can find in Osinachi’s work too. His Choose the Man You Will Become subtly criticizes toxic masculinity as represented by the commonplace hairstyles advertised in barbershops. With its 31 Layers, the control of Osinachi’s artwork programmable future can be shared by the highest number of collectors to date, urging them to make responsible choices in life.