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Trevor Jones graduated with an MA Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art specializing in drawing and painting while studying History of Art at Edinburgh University. After art college, he was director of Art in Healthcare for 7 years and also taught part-time at Leith School of art. As of 2015, he has been a full-time artist. 

He is fascinated with integrating new technologies with his paintings to shift the way viewers understand and engage with a traditional work of art.

In 2011 he began creating interactive QR codes paintings. A little over a year later he was introduced to augmented reality, becoming the first professional painter in Britain and one of the first in the world to incorporate AR with an oil painting.

Since 2017 he has been consumed with cryptocurrency and this is reflected in his work.








His first NFT work released on December 14, 2019, a collaboration with artist Alotta Money, smashed all previous sales records on SuperRare with a 70 ETH bid ($10,027).

CoinDesk commissioned Trevor to paint the portraits of their very popular Most Influential series for 2019.

His work has been seen in numerous publications, including Financial Times, Bitcoin.com, EthNews, The Scotsman, and Hackernoon. It was also exhibited at Bitcoin2019 Conference, San Francisco, CryptoCompare, London and Coinfest, Manchester.


Record Sale by Trevor Jones on Nifty Gateway!

Trevor Jones hits again: last night a historical auction took place on Nifty Getaway, where the latest NFT animated work by Edinburgh-based artist Trevor Jones smashed all previous sales records in the crypto art space. Jone's 1/1 NFT edition of Picasso's Bull was sold to Somnium Space MOCA for $55,555.55, after an exciting duel with Jason Williams's generous bids.

Besides its auction's success, the artwork in itself brings together a plurality of witty references, combining new technologies with traditional techniques and being, in Jone's words, "inspired by both Picasso's innovative masterpieces, his cubist period in particular, and the fast-paced blockchain and cryptocurrency sector." In fact, the NFT springs from a physical work on canvas combining oil, wax, sand, and the bitcoin white paper, to be featured in a themed exhibition at the Edinburgh University Robotics, AI and Blockchain building (WAYRA UK) later this year.

Picasso Bull

According to art historian and curator Bill Hare, "playing with Picasso’s eponymous bull image, his trademark fragmented still life and his famous use of collaged pieces of newspaper in the form of ‘journ” (“jou” in French means play, or game), Jones has turned his own pictorial iconography into an intriguing and entertaining puzzle of visual metaphor and puns." 

Notably, Picassoìs Bull NFT features the contribution of talented Scottish jazz guitarist Graeme Stephen, who realized the music track for the animation.