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SquidChain: BLOCK #5 (PAK + THATO)

“Thato’s extraordinary works have been charming since the first day I came across the crypto art scene”


P: How do you define yourself in the crypto art scene?

T: I’m describing my experience of interfacing with ideologies and theories through minimalism and complexity.


P: Your creations have a sublime geometric balance. What do you call it?

T: I use balance to convey and evoke emotions, it gives order and serves as the narrator. I don’t have a name for it yet.


P: Patterns in your work are impossible to unsee, what about the process behind them?

T: The Turing patterns are based on the Gray-Scott model which can be simulated in Photoshop, Blender, C4D, Houdini, Max/msp, Rhino and many other programs. I’m currently exploring the patterns in Touchdesigner.


P: As a crypto artist with a design background, where do you see yourself fit in more, as “designer” or “artist”?

T: A bit of both, design often demands self-control while art gives more freedom. I use self-control to explore artistic freedom.


P: The simplicity and pureness of your work makes me wonder what it is like where you live. How is your real-world experience compared to your creations?

T: Johannesburg is beautiful, chaotic, noisy and wild. Art is my refuge, I can create order when I’ve lost control and complexity when things get too quiet.