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MakersPlace is a blockchain-based marketplace for rare digital art where creatives can showcase their rare digital artworks and sell them using both national currencies and Ether. Either way, each work displayed on the Ethereum-powered platform is associated with a cryptocurrency price that varies depending on the digital edition chosen. When uploading the artwork image to their profile for authentication and trade, artists can decide if they wish to issue a single, rare or limited edition, customizing the number of copies they make available. Once tokenized on MakersPlace, digital artworks gain value as if they were signed, physical prints. Regarding fees, the platform receives a 15% commission on all Ether purchases, applying an extra fee to credit card transactions. The platform also issues a 5% royalty to artists for every subsequent sale of their work on the secondary market. MakersPlace was launched in June 2018 by CEO Dannie Chu, CTO Yash Nelapati and CMO Ryoma Ito. Before starting MakersPlace, co-founders Chu and Nelapati were early Pinterest employees, Nelapati being the first employee engineer.


MakersPlace Presents "Crypto Toy Coin" by Javier Arrés

What happens when you mix Monty PythonSim City, and Roller Coaster Tycoon in a pan? What if you were to add a dash of steampunk food, neon lights, and hypnotic effects — baked in an oven of science fiction surrealism? You would be catching a whiff of something playfully imaginative in the air. Who’s the master chef in this rare digital kitchen? None other than Javier Arrés.



Arrés was born an artist. He was often the “baby” of his art classes, often spoiled by his older women classmates. By the time he began giving private drawing lessons at the age of 11, he had already painted still lifes of flowers and landscapes, all kinds of academic and figurative works using a variety of techniques and mediums such as oil, watercolor, and charcoal.

He eventually went on to study Fine Arts in Altea and Granada. But in his second year, ironically enough, he left due to a lack of creative freedom. He continued to create on his own terms, all the while, honing his own style and developing ideas that brought him excitement. After 5 years, he returned to school and began his formal education in graphic design and multimedia production. It was the perfect pressure cooker for what he had been brewing over the years. The combination of his traditional art, his most avant-garde digital work, and all his experiences and passions — video games, neon, architecture…everything — was about to explode.

After he started publishing his works on social media, the art world was quick to invite him into a frenzy of festivals, galleries, agents, and magazines. His popularity skyrocketed.


Born in Motril — Arrés is filled with pride for his region of Spain: “Andalucia is a land of artists and I am Andalusian.” He reminisces about the views from his childhood home, “…you could see in the distance, the port, a fishing and industrial port that we often visited for a walk. You could see the immense fishing nets stretched on the ground, those impossible tangles, and also all the machinery, cranes and hooks — often rusty. All that fascinated me, also the marine world and the incredible light of my land, which marks very powerful shadows and outlines the landscapes that are important for the eye of the child artist.”

So it’s no surprise that the annual city fair’s bright lights and sounds of ferris wheels and roller coasters would be pure eye candy for Arrés to gaze upon from his 7th floor window. As he grew older, his travels to several cities had him falling head over heels for architecture, such as Alhambra’s mosaics and mathematical tiles; the beauty of Liverpools docks and Victorian architecture; and, the incredible history and monuments of Madrid where he currently lives and works.

Exploring the intricacies of Arrés’ work, one can easily see how he was inspired by the fantastic machines of his childhood, his infatuation with architecture, and everything in between.

A New Visual Toy: Crypto Toy Coin

Crypto Toy Coin is Arrés’ latest Visual Toy. This new work invites us to imagine a future where cryptocurrency triumphs over its current limitations. In it he represents the fast-paced world of finance in a virtual environment, the internet with its universe of colors and infinite visual impact, an optimistic and exciting future, a world of possibilities that opens before us. 

“Maybe it’s a futuristic virtual currency mining machine. Maybe a steampunk server dedicated to cryptocurrency…If you solve these things with your imagination you are already playing, you are creating your story, and only with the projection of an animation. That’s why they are visual toys.” 
— Javier Arrés

Whatever the case, Arrés invites you to get lost in this new visual wonderland.


Javier Arrés’ full collection of Visual Toys are being shown at the MakersPlace VR Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels until April 15th, 2020.


MakersPlace 2019 recap

MakersPlace marketplace offers more than 15,000 unique artworks, counting over 1,500 successful sales within the network so far. In 2019, top artists on the platform were Monfa, Skeenee, Dan Forlenza, Jarid Scott and Franco Verrascina.

As a platform mostly devoted to multi-editions, single-edition art pieces have been less than 20% of all works displayed. The average sale price in 2019 was about 0.2ETH, with the highest being 10 ETH (about $1,450 at the time of sale).

Over the past year and a half, MakersPlace team has been contacted by close to 5,000 artists wishing to join the network, and the team is now working with over 1,500 creatives. MakersPlace also has a vibrant online community, counting close to 2,000 people between artists and collectors on its Discord channel, and over 30,000 followers of the team's social media accounts.