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AsyncArt is a platform to showcase and trade rare digital art that is programmable and able to change over time. Each single, complete artwork on the gallery is called "Master" while the different, modifiable features composing it are called "Layers". Both Masters and Layers are independently tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain to be bought separately: when collectors purchase a Master they do not own the single Layers that make it up. The variation of a Layer happens at its owner's will and informs the Master's appearance, creating new combinations of the piece’s main elements, making asynchronous art evolve. All Async pieces, Masters and Layers, are purchased in Ether, with a 10% commission fee on first sales. On secondary sales, 10% of the work's price goes to the artist as royalty, the 89% goes to the seller while the gallery gets a 1% commission fee. AsyncArt appeared online in February 2020 featuring many well-known artists from the crypto art scene. The launching event took place in San Francisco, where the founders Conlan and Nate are based together with their team.


Async 5th Auctions Results

For the Kitty Bungalow #BuyArtSaveKittens charity event, the team at Async combined forces with 34 artists in one of the biggest art collaborations to create three Async artworks to auction off for charity. Each Kitty-themed masterpiece is custom-made with special features to showcase the power of programmable art. 

Cats featured in “Pixel Story”  are able to emote and communicate with each other with certain combinations of emotes triggering special effects within the whole canvas. Check out the mini comic to get an idea of the abilities.

Artists included in this collaboration piece includes: Pxlpet, Sparrow, Breadbreaker22, MLIBTY, PX99, Metagiest, TS Moreau, DinziBR, and Cryptokitties team. This is Async and Dapper Lab’s first partnership and collaboration. The Cryptokitties team created Pepito the Mascot Layer, which was bundled with an actual Special Edition Cryptokitty. The Master went for 6.66 ETH, and the total with all Layers included was 15.51 ETH. 


“Big Trouble in Mao Mao City '' has cats that show off fighting moves as well as a variety of state changes. To check out all the possible combinations, try out one of our community member’s tool to preview Layer changes.
The artists involved in the street fight include: Alotta Money, Carlos Marcial, Vulon, Plouzza, Hidden Forces, Shortcut, BrucetheGoose, CryptotheGiant, Fabiello and TS Moreau. There was an epic bidding war over the “Shaolin Sphynx” Layer, spanning over the course of several days and the final winner turned out to be SwiftEagle at 3.2 ETH. The Master went for 10.1 ETH and with all Layers included it was 19.55 ETH. 

And finally  “Forgotten Cats of Fallen Leaves Forest” tugs at your heartstrings as kitties fade in and out of your memories depending on how often you come back to update them. This one has the largest amount of artists participating, 15 unique artists which include:Hackatao, Max Osiris, Ilan Katin, Serste, Primal Cypher, Matt Kane, Trippyogi, Reinhard, Daveed, Rutger van der Tas, Fabin Rasheed, Reviiser, Moxarra, Julia K. Ponsford, & Ruben Alexander.
The Master’s secret reserve price was triggered by Metavereum, and was instantly sold on Thursday for 10.1 ETH. Collectively this piece sold for a total of 17.06 ETH. 

The auctions lasted for about a week with all three artworks as well as 27 unique Layers sold. Collectively Async artists raised over $10,000 for the feral cat shelter - an amazing feat in itself! The Async team is extremely happy that so many artists have donated their time and art to help cats in need and grateful for this opportunity to participate in this fantastic virtual event. 


Kitty Bungalow' s Virtual Edition

Hi Coldie! Can you tell us how did the whole project start?

I have been donating physical art to the Kitty Bungalow art show for the last few years. Last year, I brought in CryptoKitties and Crypto Kaiju who donated artworks. Following the success of these pieces in last year’s show, I was approached by KB about the virtual worlds I was creating. We decided to do an experiment and see how the charity would translate to a digital setting. From there we did an open call for entries, I curated a show including 40+ art pieces and VOX sculptures that took place in 4 parcels in CryptoVoxels.

In addition to the NFT digital art, we also had a physical art gallery. What blew us away was that we sold more than $2,000 in physical art as well! It was also the first introduction to several famous artists of the crypto art scene. I can tell you that a few of them are looking at getting into NFTs!


What was the scale of the event in terms of artists and other actors involved?

We had over 75 artists and builders contribute to the show. This includes Async who had 33 contributors in their 3 pieces they created specially for the event. I also had many builders contribute piece to the show include megavox sculptures that were auctioned as well. I tried to sell everything I could in the build. Might as well make as much as possible!


Any favorite contributions on the artistic side?

One of my favorite pieces was Matt Kane’s Excessive Force - Cat Devouring Bird after Picasso. This piece is not the usual for Matt in terms of subject matter, and seeing a different side to his art was really thrilling. Others agreed and there was a pretty good bid war going and it ended up selling for for 8.5 ETH (over $2,000) to Tennessee Jed. Take a look and get lost in the animation layers. Subtle, but SO TASTY!

Matt Kane

I was blown away by the Async collaboration pieces. 3 distinct pieces that were very well thought out and all very successful turnouts! Big thanks to their whole time for all they did. You could tell there was a lot of love coming from them to help cats and it showed in the end result.

Pixel Story

Big Trouble in Māo Māo City

Forgotten Cats of Fallen Leaves Forest

CryptoKitties contributed 3 very rare kitties, as well as kitties for a scavenger hunt. They also contributed to one of the Async pieces. Their team was so generous and always willing to help promote and do whatever they could to be sure our event went off as well as possible. I their kindness and professionalism, mixed with creativity and care was amazing to collaborate with!

So, how did the event go in terms of support, are you satisfied with how it all went, was it challenging?

Overall, there were no issues, somehow! So many people stepped up and dontated their time and skills to make this event really shine and be as successful as it was.

It was a challenge to get in the ear of crypto collectors and other who might be interested in the show. I was blown away at how many people showed up and also the diversity of collectors.


I know that Nala cat was involved too, did this help stir the interest of more people beyond the crypto art scene?

Yes, Nala is a literal cat celebrity and with her she brings a very passionate fanbase. We had Nala do her first Twitch Livestream which went well and many of her fans joined in, which is probably the first time many of them experienced a crypto art show or virtual live event. We really appreciate the support of Nala’s team to allow us to have her be so much of a piece of the show. We had a beautiful sculpture of Nala created by Ogar which was auctioned.

Looking back on the whole event, I am so proud of how it turned out. To date, Kitty Bungalow has received over $15,000 in donations from this event. It far exceeds what any of us were dreaming of. The best part about it is that they always need more money to help feral cats in need in the Los Angeles area, so the extra money will always go to a good use.

Having a second event at the Citadel Art Center is also really fun and rewarding. It is interesting taking down an exhibition and putting up a new one. It keeps the vibes fresh, the art new, and I look forward to putting on the next show there. To everyone who collaborated, created, donated, and enjoyed the show, THANK YOU. It was only possible because of everyone! I love this community and we now have a wider network including Kitty Bungalow who love crypto events and will continue to be friends with us as this whole space continues to grow and evolve.

To learn more and donate, visit www.kittybungalow.org

To see the show, visit https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=SW@123E,232S

Follow https://twitter.com/art_citadel for upcoming events at this location


Async 4th Auctions Results

Async has released and auctioned another round of ground-breaking programmable art these recent weeks of May.

XCOPY’s second Async work, ”Doom Party”, is another important piece not only because of the COVID reference but because of the interactive possibilities between “Death’s Hand” and the rest of the Participants. The auction for the Master erupted in a three-way bidding war which ultimately was won by MOCA for 26 ETH. With the addition of the 9 Participant Layers as well as the device Layer, total sale of Doom Party was 68.9 ETH, the highest we’ve seen since launch period.

Leading up to his auction, XCOPY polled his Twitter community and asked which participant should be the next victim of his Death hand.

The new owner immediately started playing with “Death’s Hand”, a Layer that forces any of the Participants to change to their death scene, and will remain there until “Death’s Hand” changes to focus on another unlucky Participant. 

In the same weekend, Yura Miron sold his first Async piece The real secret of magic for an impressive 4.5ETH for the Master and 3.83 ETH for the Layers. 

There are at least 20 different states for each Layer, allowing for an endless amount of combinations and possibilities with this psychedelic piece. 

Last but not least, OficinasTK  sold his first Async piece Still Life with Silver Apple - 8.5 ETH for the Master, and 2.2 ETH for the “Black Circle” Layer.

A geometric, reflective Apple sits quietly in the scene as rendered sunlight alters the piece at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm UTC every single day.  This is one of Async’s most active autonomous pieces yet, with 6 automatic changes every day.



NIFTIES Interviews Jake Johns

Hi Jake, it’s a pleasure to get an insight into your artistic personality and practice! You are a trained artist and your production is particularly informed by your personal life and travels. Can you start by briefly describing your artistic journey?

Yes, I've had many projects throughout the years. These projects have ranged from explored meaningful application with contemporary art practice and activism in politics, to current trends, to exploring world cultures, and extreme fan art.  


After a decade in Asia, you left China just before the country lockdown without interrupting your work. How was it to portray the experience, did it help you get through it?

Using art as an exploration and learning of Eastern culture, I subjected myself to living in China for a few years in order to teach art and study Chinese culture for a Western audience. I made paintings and wrote about my experience in my book: Available on amazon Kindle. This book aimed bridging connections between the East and the West and unfortunately the book is not available for sale in China.


Related to the current emergency is also your Async release, Masked, where the mask reflects the current status of the virus’ spreading. What are the most significant features of this piece, in your lights?

This piece inspires us to become more aware of the dangers of Communism and how it has affected not only on it's people but the world. This calamity has brought extreme awareness to me from my personal journeys in the East of the horror of Fascism and all of its forms. My hope is to raise awareness of this through art.  



Also judging from your direct experience of this critical moment, when do you think the mask will disappear from Masked?

This is the ultimate goal of the world and will be reflected in the ever-changing nature of the artwork. Imagine if the Mona Lisa could change her expression based on the pollution of the air outside? What an incredible time to be innovative in art, and block-chain technology is allowing this to happen.


Masked* addresses a very urgent issue, but your art is very varied, going from comics to Chinese culture, from oil paint to digital work on the blockchain. Do you have any favorite project or artist that inspires you?

I take inspirations from other dynamic creative activists, such as Ron English who uses his own "Propaganda" in art to showcase and critique this absurdity in our societies.  Although the projects are very different, there is a method to the madness. I like to think of it as anti-communist propaganda.


Was the Chinese reception of your work very different from that in the US? How do these markets differ? And what about the interest in your digital work in Asia?

Writing a book in China was an absolute disaster, I was working with a publisher in Shanghai who had to censor all of my writings in my book, and in the end I wasn't able to publish it because I'm a foreigner, or I didn't know the right people. It's hard to share cultural ideas in that environment.


Any things you miss from your time there? 

The amazing people I met there. I'm now dedicating this first-hand experience of living in a communist controlled state to help spread the awareness of the failure of this government and the people it enslaves, in the hopes of a brighter future. No system is perfect, but we must come together in the world as one to recognize the threat it poses to the free world and human beings.



 Proceedes for first sale with Async to COVID-19 Relief Fund. Owner has dynamic control over color settings on each individual layer. Layers are hidden behind a mask, which will slowly dissappear/reappear as Covid-19 stastics are projected through the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Statistics are projected in real time. 


Async 3rd Auctions Results

Async has released and auctioned off some new and very memorable programmable art these last few weeks of April.

Pak’s first Async piece, The Tribe, was teased back in March and went up for auction in the third weekend of April. The Master went for 17.5 ETH to Metakovan. Its many Layers that make up this intricate artwork went to several different owners for a total sale of 41.5 ETH. 


Almost immediately “The Tribe” began to drastically change, with the new Layer owners and Pak himself altering the forms and colors of the piece. 

There are still some Layers available for collecting. Please note that most of them have 1 ETH reserve price, check them out here


The next day, Rutger van der Tas’ “Day/Night” piece was auctioned for an impressive total of 27 ETH (including Layers). This autonomous piece completely changes based on whether it is day or night time in the coordinates input by a specific Layer owner. Metakovan once again won this piece and set the new coordinates to point to the Singapore timezone.  


Another remarkable autonomous piece was Alotta Money’s “Dictatorship”, where only the Master was for sale. It was acquired by Basileus for 20 ETH. It presents a window to infinite combinations and possibilities.

Alotta Money, as well as an autonomous script, fully control all Layers in the piece, so whether it be “Brothel Saturday” or a special event with unique characters coming out to play, one can never predict what will happen in his alternate universe.



Async 2nd Auctions Results

Over the last couple of weeks, Async disclosed some great new programmable art pieces.

Josie’s Master artwork, (un)limited, was sold to MetaKovan for 26.0 ETH (4.240,60 USD), the highest sale price of this auction. In continuity with her "Fed Monkey Series," in her own words it “serves as a timestamp for our current political and economic climate” while “the girl, wearing a protective bitcoin gas mask, provides a solution to the broken system.” The artist herself is still the owner of the All Time High Mask Layer.


Josie’s auction success was followed closely by Transitions, a collaboration between Giant Swan and Frentik Void, sold for 25.0 ETH (4.086,50 USD) to Basileus. With just three Layers, the two artists were able to create a surreal and captivating space for the viewers’ mind to explore.


A remarkable collaborative piece is also Cypher::Prophet, the result of Hackatao and Hex6c’s vision and research, acquired by TokenAngels for 17.0 ETH (2.788,51 USD). Here Master and Layers reach a total of 28 ETH, making the Cypher::Prophet Hex6c’s record sale and Hackatao’s most successful art piece to date in terms of market value. Most importantly, the artwork is a perfect celebration of the origins of blockchain technology and the crypto movement.

Also on display are new works by Blackboxdotart, MattKane, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy and VansDesign. They explore a variety of themes, from the price of Bitcoin to love, divinities, the passing of time and the reinterpretation of the human in relation to technology. Some pieces are still waiting to be auctioned, while the most expensive ones reached 10.0 ETH.

Osinachi's Master piece too sold for 10.0 ETH (1.634,40 USD) to Ethsquiat. As for the Cypher::Prophet, the value of the story underlying a piece is a trait one can find in Osinachi’s work too. His Choose the Man You Will Become subtly criticizes toxic masculinity as represented by the commonplace hairstyles advertised in barbershops. With its 31 Layers, the control of Osinachi’s artwork programmable future can be shared by the highest number of collectors to date, urging them to make responsible choices in life.


Project Interview: Conlan from ASYNC

Hi Conlan, what an incredible start for Async, you had a great response from collectors. So tell us, when did you come up with the idea and why?

Thank you so much. It's definitely been amazing reception so far. The concept behind Async Art came to me around November of 2019. I've been already involved with collecting Cryptoart and the Cryptovoxel community, so most of my day time musings were in that headspace already.

I think I was tying my shoelaces when the idea hit me. Create art that can be changed and different parts of it tokenized for different uses!


What is your background and who are the team members of Async?

I'm a game developer by trade. In my spare time I've built automation tools and Twitter bots for startups to gain a deeper understanding for their projects and in November have quit my day job to focus 100% on Async.

We have a small but passionate team. I met fellow co-founder Nate (n0shot) in Cryptovoxels and we became fast friends. He's been crucial in building our visual brand and overall creative vision for the platform.

Jeff and I met a while back while working on the first version of http://uniswap.info/ and he's done the frontend development for the website you see today.

Lisa leads all of our marketing including event setup, online communications and content creation. 



How did you choose the first artists to get on board?

In my mind a new platform needs the right set of artists who can push the boundaries, are technically oriented, and have great community presence to educate our audience on this brand new concept. 

I've collected art from and/or leased Cryptovoxels gallery space to all of the first group of artists before Async so I already had great relationships with them. It felt like asking friends to come together for a fun collaboration and in its essence, it really was. There is no Async Art without the artists. 


We know that many artists want to join your platform now. What do they need to start collaborating with you?

First and foremost, they need to fill out an application form. This helps us keep track and also to check out their style of art. The most important question is probably "Your Idea for Async", in which we see what new concept they would want to explore with the platform. It's not about who has the most followers or have made the most sales, it is about pushing the boundaries and bringing something completely new to the Cryptoart landscape. Due to high demand and the manual nature of setting up an Async piece, we are onboarding artists in small batches. Eventually though, we aim to onboard everyone who wants to join.


Do you have any suggestions for new creatives in the crypto art realm in general?

Art on the blockchain is such a new and developing concept. The world is your oyster here. If you can think it, you should spend 100% of your available time exploring it.
Social media (especially Cent!) is your best friend here. Cryptoart community is open and welcoming so networking is important and will pay off. 


You innovated the art scene enabling the creation of unprecedented artworks, as well as a new form of fractionated ownership. It is already a lot, but do you have new projects in store?

Oh tons! There's not enough hours in a day. However my main focus right now is in developing Async Art to its full potential, there are several new features and initiatives on the horizon and our team is excited to reveal more in the coming months.



Async 1st Auctions Results

AsyncArt, launched online in February 2020, innovates the NFT realm allowing creative people to showcase and trade programmable art. The first piece of such art ever tokenized on the platform is First Supper, a digital homage to Leonardo Da Vinci's Cenacolo.


First Supper, with 22 Layers, is the result of a collaboration between 13 major artists: Alotta Money, Blackboxdotart, Coldie, Connie Digital, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, Matt Kane, Mlibty, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy, VansDesign, and XCOPY. Auctioned on February 28th, the Master image was sold to MetaKovan for 103.4 ETH (14.037,58 USD). Among its Layers, purchased by different collectors shortly afterward, very successful were Coldie's Decentral Eyes, sold for 77.0 ETH (10.490,48 USD), and Visionary Spirit of Creation by Matt Kane, sold for 35.0 ETH (4.763,50 USD). A total of 263 ETH was made from the auction of 20 Layers.

The second programmable NFT auctioned on AsyncArt was XCOPY's Banksta. It was sold to the collector TokenAngels for 66.0 ETH (8.958,84 USD), becoming the most expensive work by a single artist to date. Its Master image sold for more than all its Layers combined, testifying how this particular art piece works better as a whole than others.


Regarding sales, also remarkable is The Cunégonde Dilemma, by Alotta Money, bought by Basileus for 40.0 ETH (5.455,60 USD). Other solo works by mlibtyblackboxdotart and roninkill hover around 4 and 5 ETH.