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Axie Infinity

Created by a group of hardcore CryptoKitty owners who wanted a more game-like experience using NFTs, Axie Infinity has quickly built its reputation as one of the most innovative blockchain games. It’s also created a passionate community of fans, who are obsessed with breeding and battling their cute but fierce axie creatures. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity has experimented with many new features, including the additional permanent land, its own in-game cryptocurrency which is called Small Love Potions, and PVP gameplay, with tournament rewards backed by the DAI stablecoin.


Kyber teams up for Ancient Stone NFT in Axie Infinity

Ethereum-based game Axie Infinity has teamed up with token exchange protocol Kyber Network for an exclusive NFT event. 

The deal will reward any Axie players who have at least 50 KNC tokens (currently worth around $25) in the Ethereum wallet they use to play Axie Infinity with the Kyber Ancient Stone. This will reduced resource harvesting times by 2% when placed on a land plot in the game.  

In order to get the NFT, players will have hold the KNC tokens until 11pm EST on 22 March. 

You can get more details and register your wallet at the Axie Infinity website.