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SquidChain: BLOCK #5 (PAK + THATO)

“Thato’s extraordinary works have been charming since the first day I came across the crypto art scene”


P: How do you define yourself in the crypto art scene?

T: I’m describing my experience of interfacing with ideologies and theories through minimalism and complexity.


P: Your creations have a sublime geometric balance. What do you call it?

T: I use balance to convey and evoke emotions, it gives order and serves as the narrator. I don’t have a name for it yet.


P: Patterns in your work are impossible to unsee, what about the process behind them?

T: The Turing patterns are based on the Gray-Scott model which can be simulated in Photoshop, Blender, C4D, Houdini, Max/msp, Rhino and many other programs. I’m currently exploring the patterns in Touchdesigner.


P: As a crypto artist with a design background, where do you see yourself fit in more, as “designer” or “artist”?

T: A bit of both, design often demands self-control while art gives more freedom. I use self-control to explore artistic freedom.


P: The simplicity and pureness of your work makes me wonder what it is like where you live. How is your real-world experience compared to your creations?

T: Johannesburg is beautiful, chaotic, noisy and wild. Art is my refuge, I can create order when I’ve lost control and complexity when things get too quiet.


SquidChain: BLOCK #4 (MANARDS + PAK)

“I decided to continue the chain with Pak as we had a collaboration in progress, but it got temporarily halted due to the global situation. I really admire Pak as a creator and the tasteful worlds he generates, and I know many others do as well in the community!”


M: As digital artists, we all have a preferred software/tool we use to create. Your work is really thoroughly thought out and quite technical, have you thought about what role the software you use plays in the final look of your work, and how would it look if you had to switch to another medium, like painting, for example?

P: I see software as an expansion of the human - like an additional arm or leg. They affect our capabilities. As a result, our way of thinking and methodology. Therefore, to me, medium and methodology are overlapping subjects that are defined with their limitations.


M: Are there certain aspects of the medium you use that excite you the most?

P: I do not have a primary medium anymore. My works are becoming more cross-medium. Overall, limits excite me. 

M: What got you into selling your work on crypto art marketplaces and how do you see this space developing in the future?

P: As I once stated, I define myself more as a designer and less as an artist. However, a design client needs the work, whereas an art collector wants the work. Sometimes it's better to be wanted, than needed. Beyond this, crypto art is the future's art history to leave a trace in.


M: Name one book, one song, one artwork that you really like or that inspires you, or just purely represents your being.

P: Improbable singular answer... 

M: A new skill or activity you want to learn to do or start doing in the near future?

P: I don't pre-define the skill sets I prefer to dive in, but rather, try to keep planned projects. I'm sure the next project will expand my skill set in many branches however it's not easy to label any of them before the encounter.





Async 3rd Auctions Results

Async has released and auctioned off some new and very memorable programmable art these last few weeks of April.

Pak’s first Async piece, The Tribe, was teased back in March and went up for auction in the third weekend of April. The Master went for 17.5 ETH to Metakovan. Its many Layers that make up this intricate artwork went to several different owners for a total sale of 41.5 ETH. 


Almost immediately “The Tribe” began to drastically change, with the new Layer owners and Pak himself altering the forms and colors of the piece. 

There are still some Layers available for collecting. Please note that most of them have 1 ETH reserve price, check them out here


The next day, Rutger van der Tas’ “Day/Night” piece was auctioned for an impressive total of 27 ETH (including Layers). This autonomous piece completely changes based on whether it is day or night time in the coordinates input by a specific Layer owner. Metakovan once again won this piece and set the new coordinates to point to the Singapore timezone.  


Another remarkable autonomous piece was Alotta Money’s “Dictatorship”, where only the Master was for sale. It was acquired by Basileus for 20 ETH. It presents a window to infinite combinations and possibilities.

Alotta Money, as well as an autonomous script, fully control all Layers in the piece, so whether it be “Brothel Saturday” or a special event with unique characters coming out to play, one can never predict what will happen in his alternate universe.