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VR Meetup To Discuss VR Meetups

NIFTIES had our first public livestream from our new virtual reality studio during the biggest blockchain event of the year, Consensus Distributed!

Guests included @joonian and @aaronwstanley from Coindesk, Ethereal Summit organizer @DeFi_Dad, crypto artist @josiebellini, host of Reckless VR @udiWertheimer, founding partner of CryptoMondays @LouKerner, and our own @dankvr.

1:55 - What is this studio about?
3:39 - What is Reckless VR?
6:25 - Difference between physical / virtual? (Lou)
7:47 - Difference between physical / virtual? (Josie)
10:15 - Interaction compared to online
14:00 - Post-covid, will people still come?
17:34 - Accessibility and adoption 
19:41 - Is there any crypto wallets for VR?
21:28 - Biggest hurdles to adoption
24:50 - Difference between Zoom
26:40 - How much would you pay to attend a crypto conference?

Behind the scenes

The event came together very organically. Earlier in May, Wong Joon Ian from Coindesk [tweeted] that he's organizing a VR meetup to talk about VR meetups and reached out to the crypto community to ask who does crypto VR meetups. Many voices in the community tagged us (thank you!), so we began chatting to plan it out. 

Godfrey Meyer worked quickly to redesign our VR studio to better match the event branding and we began to invite the guests for a rehearsal on how the production will be ran.

There were some interesting points made as we had a meta discussion about VR meetups vs physical meetups, here's a couple:

Joon: "Post-covid, are people still going to be coming to our VR meetups?"

Udi: "A very interesting thing I think in this community is that a lot of people kind of want to keep their privacy. This is something amazing you can do in VR. You can an avatar that doesn't look like you, you can pick whatever name you want. You still get to interact with people face to face without video or showing your face."

The last question came from Aaron Stanley who asked the speakers how much they might pay to attend a well planned fully virtual Consensus next year. Aaron made an interesting point about having skin in the game to maximize productivity. If a digital event is free and if 25,000 people show up, how many of them will be engaged the entire time?

In physical meetups, anchoring yourself outside your home for the duration of an event incentivizes people to make the most out of their time. With VR meetups we can skip all that and teleport from the comfort of your own home. The time and money saved on airlines, transportation, hotels for the attendees plus the event venue rental, logistics, physical setup and teardown can all be put into creating an amazing experience that can last forever.

Perhaps one could get away with charging a couple of thousand dollars for a VR ticket if at the same time it also onboards someone into VR. Throw in a VR headset with the deal can go towards solving the chicken and egg problem. If people paid more, they would care more about the event and those resources could go towards making an exceptional digital experience. With that, it was a good time to wrap things up and drop a portal into a relaxing beach.

Lastly, we want to reminder you that you do not need a VR headset to access majority of the virtual worlds. Platforms like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels have web browser based clients and most of the popular social VR platforms like the one we were using (VRChat) have 2D desktop support for PC users.


Behind the scenes: NIFTIES VR STUDIOS

We created NIFTIES with the aim of promoting the best projects in the NFTs space. Apart from traditional content we knew we should do something new and unique, which is why we think top quality VR content is the answer. 

Construction of our virtual soundstage has finished and in this video Boomboxhead guides you inside. See all the work that goes behind a fully digital virtual production with professional cameras, lighting, and cinematography. 

We already started producing artist interviews and will announce some new show formats in the near future. If you want to promote your project, company, or event, and need our help to produce cool CG content for the 3.0 collectors just reach us out at vr@nifties.com. ENJOY the video!