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Surfing the Web in Somnium Space

Somnium Space has been showing off another cool new feature that brings the whole web to your hands in VR, the web browser. The team announced the feature in a tweet with a video showing Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Mozilla Hubs running in a massive web browser that's front of a user who is fully in VR.

It's nifty how there's a navigation bar at the top, giving users freedom to surf the entire web with just one websurface. This feature has enabled the team to quickly show the world some possibilities for when you bring the flat web into an immersive virtual world.

For example, browsing Amazon.com from a Somnium Space parcel to shop for a new VR headset.

How about browsing Opensea and purchasing a NFT with Ethereum while being fully in VR? The Somnium team has shown that it is indeed possible with a video that goes from start to finish of completing a transaction for some cryptoart.

There's also productivity apps, such as attending a video conference while you're in VR. Not sure how productive that is, but it looks fun.

The browser is also able to load webgl games, turning your wall into a giant display screen. It would be awesome to see how Google Stadia performs in Somnium Space.

The WWW is an infinite source of content. It opens up access to productivity, ecommerce, and gaming. From wherever you are in the virtual world, whether in outer space or chilling at your friends parcel, having access to the world wide web makes it feel like home. This is the type of feature that will keep on giving. Great work Somnium team!